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Psychology Services


Psychology Services

We are positive psychology consultants primarily focussed on sports. We help athletes ace their mental game. Sports is 90% mental game. We at LAF help athletes to discover the secrets to think like a champion so that they can perform like one.

Our Services


We have a strong team with many years of counselling experience in corporate, hospital, educational institutions and sports industry. We are a team of passionate and compassionate therapists, driven by the mission of helping more people live a better and happier life every day. We are unapologetic in our beliefs & values of supporting individuals who are chasing dreams both big and small & we help them transform their mental blocks into building blocks.

Why Positive Psychology?

Psychology is focussed mainly on psychological disorders. Positive psychology however is founded on the belief that people want more than an end to suffering. People want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play. As Martin Seligman said “ The aim of positive psychology is to catalyse a change in psychology from a preoccupation only with repairing the worst things in life to also building the best qualities in life”. Hence, we not only want to heal psychological damage but also build strengths to enable people to achieve the best things in life. Our goal is to help people in discovering their innate ability by helping them understand and develop their strengths and work on their weaknesses so that they become successful.

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